Learning And Wellbeing Model

Our goal is to grow learners who have agency – that is, the confidence and power to act and take meaningful action. Agency requires self-knowledge and social awareness. It relies on a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy that can support self-directed and personalised learning. We develop agency through powerful learning experiences, with the support of caring teachers.

Wellbeing is essential to learning and requires our attention to the wellbeing of each individual, our relationships, and our community. It is our goal to create a welcoming, caring, and creative learning environment that treats everyone with respect and dignity engage in positive and collaborative relationships with our learners, their families and whanau, our colleagues, and the wider community encourage good health, personal identity, and self-awareness of each child so that they may flourish

Our approach to learning values critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to help us understand the world around us and prepare us for a world that is constantly changing. The ability to think critically helps us to navigate the world with clarity, accuracy, depth, and fairness. Creativity allows us to apply our knowledge and skills to make something new or find solutions to problems. It is the key to expressing our identity, culture, and language. Collaboration acknowledges the social nature of learning and promotes learning that is interactive, meaningful, and joyful.

Organising our learning through shallow and deep dive opportunities enables us to attend to the important development of essential skills in literacy and numeracy and create time for deep, authentic learning. Children are active participants in their learning and their voice is valued.