EnviroSchools Programme

Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao‘s semi-rural location is walking distance from Silverstream Reserve Conservation Park. We have had a long association with the Silverstream Volunteers and the Waimakariri District Council to help transform this farmland into a native sanctuary. Our school community has joined the Volunteers to support planting and mulching programmes. Our students have learned about pest trapping and the native flora and fauna particular to this area. 

You can visit the Silverstream website at http://silverstream.nz/

As a Silver Enviroschool, we pride ourselves on reducing waste through litter-free lunches and careful management of materials we use at school. Our compost and worm farm feed our gardens and student-led projects have led to the development of a native walkway. Our Enviro Group grows and cooks their own veggies.