School Board

The spirit of our Board is driven by the values of our school; we are collaborative, engaged, loyal and honest.  We act with heart and mind in the best interests of our community.


Who are the Board?

From left to right: Chris Miller (Parent representative), Rachael Spencer (Deputy Chairperson), Paula Hawkins (Parent representative), Sarah Long (Chairperson), Mike Pile (Parent representative), Juliana Rae (Principal), Linda Baran (Staff representative)

What is the role of the Board?

All of New Zealand’s state and state-integrated schools have aboard. The board is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school. Its key roles include:

  • development and ongoing review of the school charter and strategic plan
  • monitoring and reviewing the school’s progress
  • putting in place a policy framework
  • employing the principal
  • managing assets
  • ensuring the school’s legal compliance
  • implementing the National Education Guidelines
Rachael SpencerI joined the Board as a co-opted member in term 2, 2018. My husband and I have three daughters; Rosa and Kate are in Tūhura and Whakarewa respectively and Hazel will start in 2020. As a family, we love most outdoor pursuits. I am an Occupational Therapist working part-time for a community provider. In my current role, I primarily write rehabilitation and treatment plans for people with an intellectual disability who have been court directed into our service. I have worked in various health sectors but mostly in the area of mental health. My particular interest is in health and well being. I would like to see the research in positive psychology used in our school to promote healthy and resilient children.
Sarah Long (Board Chairperson)My association with the school began when our daughter began school in Whakarewa in 2015. I was elected to the Board in 2016 and elected Chair at the start of 2018. My background is in Secondary education and my particular areas of interest are student achievement and staff recruitment. I am proud to be on a Board that is high functioning with a clear sense of governance and which values people as our most important resource and priority.
Mike Pile (Parent representative)I have been part of the Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao community since 2009 when our eldest started his schooling career. I was co-opted onto the board of trustees in 2015 as part of the board’s succession planning for the future and to ensure the board had some continuity moving forward as long-serving board members completed their terms.
In my time on the board, I have been able to utilize my Project Management skills and building knowledge in the constant projects that crop up with the buildings and infrastructure of the school. I am involved in the regular Health and Safety Meetings, Working Bees, and any Infrastructural issues/emergencies that can arise with the day to day running of the school.
Paula Hawkins (Parent representative)I have been a part of Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao since 2016 and joined the Board in July 2019.  My husband and I have two girls, one in Whakarewa and one in Tūhura. I am a  trained  Early Childhood Teacher and have a passion for education.  I am excited to be on the Board of such an amazing school and the community it represents with its high levels of commitment to the children and their families.
Chris MillerMy wife Paula and I became part of the Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao family when our son Noah started here in 2015, and our daughter Louisa followed along two years later. I work as an Air Traffic Controller at Christchurch Airport and am a member of the Swannanoa Volunteer Fire Brigade. I am proud to work alongside a very passionate board that is focused on the well-being of the children and staff of Clarkville School.
Linda Baran (Staff representative)I began Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao mid-year in 2014 as an Associate Principal following a number of years at Selwyn House School. I specifically targeted Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao because I knew the environment and commitment to future-focused pedagogies would be a great fit. I’ve enjoyed teaching across the school, with a particular focus on the senior teams, and meeting the Clarkville families. My time on the leadership team and as a Staff Board rep has given me an appreciation of the complexities and rewards involved in running all facets of the school.